Notice of announcement and workshop meeting of “Okudo-san : furnace for cooking rice”



2nd Oct.2018


1. Guidance for Kyo-suzume culture and Tourism announcement

Date and time 3rd Nov.2018 pm2:00~4:30
Meeting place
8th floor room C
First stage
Lecture by Shoichi Inoue
Second stage
Reception  party
Entry fee
JPY \5,000 ( Include first stage and second stage)
JPY \3,000 (first stage only)

2. Notice the first summit for “Okudo-san : furnace for cooking rice”

Date and time 16th Dec.2018 am11:00~pm2:00
Meeting place
Entry fee
JPY\10,000 include lunch fee
Kyo-suzume member JPY\7,000

3. Notice for the third “Love letter to Kyoto” campaign

Application period 1 March 2019 ~ 31 August 2019
Qualification requirements
From Anyone who loves Kyoto
Application form
Please apply freely in the form of sentences, haiku, Japanese poetry, 川 柳, photograph, picture letter in the space of one mail postcard.
Application details
The work is original and limited to unpublished. Details will be announced at a later date.
Entry Fee
Please pay from entries of 794 yen (Heian-kyo City of Capital Year) Paypal per entry.


京すずめKyo-suzume Culture and Tourism