Guidance : 1 week left

Guidance : 1 week left

1 week left until the application deadline for the 4th “Love Letter to Kyoto”!

Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism Institute Secretariat

There is only one week left until the application deadline. For everybody who are planning to apply, those who are in the final proofreading, those who have forgotten to apply, those who are working on the submitted work from now on.The deadline for applications is September 30th.

All applicants will be able to receive benefits from the sponsoring company if your contact meets the conditions for providing benefits to the sponsoring company of “Love Letter Square to Kyoto”. The selected works are posted on “Kyo-Suzume HP” and “Hirakata Tsushin HP”, and excellent works are posted and selected from the selected works. We will select the best works by allocating points by voting from the judging committee and everyone. Everyone who vote will also be able to enjoy the same benefits as the applicants if you meet the conditions for providing the benefits of the sponsoring company,too.

We are looking forward to your application for “Love Letter to Kyoto”. The application procedure is posted on the Kyo-Suzume Institute of Culture and Tourism website special website

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