Participating in the Hankyu Hanshin Future Dream Town Project 10th Anniversary Symposium

On July 1st, 2019, at the New Hankyu Hotel in Umeda (Osaka), and a seminar titled “SDGs achieved through partnership” ~ realizing a sustainable society was held from the first step of solving problems in various places.
I joined as a group that received a subsidy nine years ago as a grantee of the Hankyu Hanshin future dream and town fund, and we have interacted with many citizen groups. It was courageous to listen to the regional efforts of the SDGs and the countries where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge as the secretariat of the Cabinet Office.
Many citizens’ groups tackle environmental problems, child care, countermeasure of handicapped person, foreigner education, etc., and citizens, companies and the state worked on the seminar, and I was able to realize that the efforts of creating empathy have expanded, not the pursuit of unrealized profit was. It was a common understanding that all participants shared that social change and educational change are happening at the same time.
I had an opportunity to participate in international forums and seminars continuously from last week, and I was able to confirm that the participants were turning on the same course and the same intention, even if the theme is different.
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