Kitchen-car with kiln kitchen “Komeshiruna”

(Aoyama-Farmerze-marcket on Omote-sando in front of United Nations University)


On February 8, I visited to “Kitchen with kilm kitchen (Kome Shiruna)” in Aoyama, which is open on Saturdays and Sundays at the square in front of UNU (United Nations University). This is my first visit, usually communicating via email.
From the chimney, which was remodeled over a year to mount Kamado (Okudo-san) on the car, the smell of smoke from firewood and cherry chips quickly leaded the position me. It uses without pesticide and additives, free-runed eggs, smoked eggs, smoked meat, and brown rice balls are very delicious and I bought them as souvenirs. Opening at 10 am, we can find out a line quickly and we can see that it is popular.
I was impressed that such a delicious meal was offered in the middle of Tokyo. He is entried and will be also a member of the Okudo-san Summit.
Komesilna has been consulting on regional revitalization and community development (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) for more than 10 years during the Rallyman era, making sure the effectiveness and backing of the consulting, etc. Tool “Kitchen Car Komeshiruna (Kamado is mounted in the car)” was converted.
This kitchen car, Komesiruna, is equipped with a wood-fired or charcoal-fired “Okudo-san” and a meat cooking stove , and the essence of food that appeals to instinct and intuition that is being lost in the lives of big cities is consumed in large cities. It is said that they wanted to provide food to consumers and create “food that instinctively repeats = food that continues to sell.” In addition, consumers themselves also have real health (healthy health from inside the body) ) So that you can get it.
If you have a chance going to Tokyo, please drop in Aoyama Farmer’s Market, the kiln kitchen car just off Omotesando Station, by all means on Saturdays and Sundays.

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