Floods, earthquakes, eruptions, and abnormal weather are turning points in history

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A heavy flood occurred in Kyushu for several days from July 4, and heavy rain special warnings were issued all over Japan.

On July 8th, in the early morning, there was a warning in Kita Ward that the Tenjin River was about to overflow in Kyoto City, and an evacuation order was issued. We also issued an evacuation recommendation for a landslide in Nishikyo Ward.

Looking at the NASA satellite image and seeing the flow of the jet air stream in real time, the air stream flows over the entire Japanese archipelago from the Three Gorges Dam in Inner Mongolia, China to the direction of Kyushu in Japan, causing heavy rain damage. You can see that Please see the flow of the jet stream in real time. earth.nullschool.net← You can check the escape of airflow in real time.

Abnormal weather can be seen all over the world. It seems that it has snowed in the subtropical monsoon region of Hainan Island for the first time in 500 years. In North America and Canada, reports of ” Floods that occur once 1000 years ” began to increase around 2018. It is the time when the hazard map will be reviewed due to heavy rainfall such as earthquakes, floods, and abnormal weather.

It was also said that the powerful people who could take the leadership of the shogun died in the end of the Edo era due to the earthquake, and they finished the national isolation and opened the port. Overseas, Portugal also seems to have been stagnated for 100 years due to the disaster, and as a result, it seems that Portugal has been delayed compare with the United Kingdom and Spain in the age for getting the world  navigation  discovery. Discovery. We can discover new historical perceptions by searching for the branch points of the history of disasters and natural disasters. When a plague and a natural disaster strike together, We would like to keep in mind the stockpile of water and food.

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