Beyond the sunset

Recently, I haven’t had many chances to see the sunset, so I took a picture of the beauty of the sunset, which is the purple sunset on September 20th. It turns purple when the clear path of air is high. It’s hard to see in the photo, but it was a purple sunset.

Rai Sanyo looked east from Kamogawa and made a coined word “Sanchisuimei *Note 1)”, but the fact that this mountain is dyed purple means the time when the sunset is possible. Nowadays, it is used as an adjective, but Rai Sanyo wrote a letter with saying, “Please stop on around the time of Sanchisuimei.”

 It’s a long time ago, but there was a symposium commemorating the establishment of the academic consortium in September 2001, which is a holiday on the equinoctial week. I remembered the lecture by the philosopher Tetsuo Yamaori at that time. Certainly, the keynote speech was “What is the Japanese mind?” I remember that what was behind the sunset was … and what was behind the setting moon. I have listened to Professor Yamaori’s lecture many times, but I remembered that Saigyo Hoshi, who was a priest at Shoji-ji (Shoji-Temple /Hana-no-Tera) during the Heian period, was talking about seeing the sunset. I asked this temple several times, but the cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are beautiful.

Sunsets also appear in Yasunari Kawabata’s “Koto/The Old Capital,” but the expression “no sunsets” depicts the scenery seen from the restaurant Saami in Maruyama Park in Higashiyama. I have also visited Saami and looked at the city of Kyoto from the tatami mats room. For some reason, I remembered the scenery of this part. I think Professor Kawabata wanted to draw how lonely the scenery of a monotone town without a sunset is. I was looking at the sunset, wondering if the Japanese people in the old days felt the Pure Land at the sunset. The environment has changed under the corona, and it may have returned to the old landscape.

*Note 1)

This word is used as an adjective that refers to around 4 pm when the color of the mountain changes to purple”


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