Miso in Kyoto (White color Miso)

Kyoto uses white miso often for cooking. At present, there are very rare additive-free, coloring-free, and low-salt miso soup shops. Originally, the light taste was liked to Kyoto of the princely culture. Yamari’s miso was founded before about 100 years and was not a miso company at first, but now it produces miso in response to requests from restaurants and caterers, and has gained a reputation for no additives, no coloring, and reduced salt. Now the miso of Yamari is used in the tea ceremony families (Omotesenke, Ursensen, Mushakojie), in the well-established famous restaurant as well as famous restaurant, the hotel and the well-established Kyo-confectionery shop, etc.also,
Currently, they do retail, but at the time of establishment they received an order, and it was a form that would be delivered to a caterer, restaurant, etc. Now it is possible to buy at stores in Miyagawacho.
Miso of Yamari is sold with no additive, no coloring, and less than 4, 6% of low salt. While many miso stores are colored and use additives, they do not last long due to no addition, no coloring and reduced salt. Therefore, it is better to be stored in the freezer. With the use of Yamari’s miso in famous restaurants, the people who ate them started to buy them, and the people who heard about their reputation and bought more people.
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