Kyo-Suzume school and college

Recently, there was an inquiry about the “Kyo-Suzuki school” held 10 years ago. At that time, it was an inquiry while looking at the resume 10 years ago from those who were participating in parent and child. I was really surprized. I remembered that I had a 10-years-before resume, and I remembered everything about the Kyo-Suzume tiled plate. The course in May 2009 was attended by about 100 people, and I remembered that the preparation in advance and the arrangement on the day were various.
Each course revives vividly now. The “Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism”, which opened in the field site, moved to “Kyo-Suzume School” in 2017, was renewed as the “Kyo-Suzume college” and opened in May this year. The curriculum of “Kyoto love story III” at the Kyo-Suzume college has been opened to the public offering of “Love letter to Kyoto”.

State of the first Kyo-Suzume college

In addition, you can see the state of the course of the Kyo-Suzume school age on HP. It has been open since 2001 and it is already 19 years pass. We went out to the fields of Kyoto vegetables, gave lectures on the day of Gozan Okuribi, and let me participate at the beginning of the Gion Festival trial action, meaning that I was able to experience Kyoto’s culture, customs and traditions. I feel that.

Initially, fieldwork and the Kyo-Suzume school were held separately, but fieldwork and the Kyo-Suzume school were integrated, and it was shaped like the current Kyo-Suzume College. By integrating the field work and the course, the director at the Shimazu memorial will gave us a condition we have a lunch at a sushi restaurant opposite side, and then we could borrow it before business hours. There are a lot of devising for preparation.
When Koichi Tanaka won the Nobel Prize, we were hold of a particularly interesting story. This photo is the garden of the sushi restaurant. It is a state of the Kyo-Suzume school where all of food, play, and study are complete. Experience Kyoto’s deep culture and learn from the field. Everyone, please join us.

Garden of Sushi restaurant          Lecture that welcomes Kaori Kawabata Chairman of Yasunari Kawabata Memorial Party

We visited the Kyoto vegetable farmers who last for 400 years and we attended the recurred the demonstrated the agricultural tools from Edo period

State of trial participation of the Gion Festival at Kyo-Suzume School

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