Participation in the World Cultural Heritage Regional Cooperation Conference via ZOOM

Yoshie Doi

The general meeting of the World Cultural Heritage Regional Cooperation Council was held from 3:00 pm on August 29 this year. We will be participating in ZOOM again this year. It was a meeting full of passion, with the participation of the administrative chiefs of the locations of world cultural heritage sites.

 After all, I can only nod at each word that delivers the passion of the locals. It was held on zoom last year due to the corona misfortune. From the time of our founding until the pandemic, we had to go to Tokyo or other venues to participate in general meetings. I think it depends on the generation, but I think there will be an increase in the mix of on-site and remote events in the future.

 Unlike face-to-face meetings, meetings through images feel somewhat distant. Even at other meetings and seminars, I felt that the times were changing significantly as the number of remote meetings increased.  You can’t feel the presence of the scene, the energy, and the five senses unless you’re on the scene.

It was also an opportunity to learn the wisdom of our predecessors, as the world’s cultural heritage, which is the treasure of the earth and is filled with the wisdom of mankind, is a future heritage that will create the future.

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