Restaurant Heki and Samurai’s meal

Restaurant Heki provides the Samurai’s meal at Heki-residence that is lasted 300 years

Restaurant Heki
The main residence was built in the Edo period in a samurai residence that lasts more than 300 years, and the road in front of the gate is an old main road leading to Kyoto. The Ishigaki clay wall of the residence is the same as when it was built, and is often used for shooting historical drama.
The site of about 600 tsubo (2000 m2) has a main house and a separated house, showing the style of a samurai residence in the Edo period. A historical drama against the background of the Nagaya gate is taken. The main dramas are Mito Komon and ・・ etc. It is a familiar program on TV.
The Heki residence was able to see Kameyama Castle from the front, and served as deputy representative of the Tsuda Domain of the directr retainer of the shogun. He is also said to be the founder of the Heki school of Kyudo (Archery).
We had a lunch of Samurai’s meal that seemed Mitsuhide Akechi also had the eaten warlord meal. The boar meat is delicious, and the miso soup with a lot of ingredients is said to have served to the vassal by Mitsuhide’s wife. She mix white miso, red miso, and mixed miso to make something delicious and nutritious and it was seemed to prepare for the war.

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